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About us

Ronald and Marieke, together since 2006, married and have a child. We started out in a terraced house in a concrete suburb of North Holland but now find ourselves in the beautiful outskirts of the Belgian Ardennes. We went from working as office employees, to freelancers who work from home.

In 2010 our interest was piqued with the Saarlooswolfdog breed. Such a beautiful, smart, honest and free-spirited dog; a wolf-dog!

The longer we have been around the Saarlooswolfdogs, the more fond we have become of them. Our lifestyles are heavily influenced by our relationship with this special breed. Sometimes it seems we have become more like the Saarlooswolfdog. Our preference for peace, nature, and family (pack) has become much stronger because of these amazing dogs.

Our pack

Malek van de Wolfsdreuvnik has been with us since January 2014. He is the one that started it for us and we tend to call him the 'elder'. Malek is a veteran. He is 9 years old, father of 11 children and recently even became a grandfather!

In January 2019 a beautiful elegant female was born. And so our pack was expanded with a forest brown lady. Skylla Lykos Erebos. Known as Sif. She is almost 4 years old and we hope to be able to use her for the breeding program of the NVSWH.

Recently, we welcomed a third Saarlooswolfdog into our family. Malek's grandson no less. He was born in July 2022. His name is called Khalibisnya Maginwulf Tyr and we will continue to call him 'Pup' for years to come! Our hope is that one day he will father puppies of his own, so we can continue Malek's proud line.

We live on the river 'Sambre', hence the name. For now our pack is complete. Due to our love of the breed, we would also want to contribute to its survival. Preferably to continue the lines of our own dogs. This is why we decided to register as a kennel.

We will likely always remain a small-scale kennel, where we will (hopefully) have a few dogs in our own pack and may occasionally bring a litter into the world.

A Saarloos wolfdog is not a simple dog to have, but will always hold a special place in your heart, like no other dog-breed can.

Winter Sambrewolf

January 2024

Snow, playing and lovely pictures

Clubmatch NVSWH May 2023

13 May 2023

Sif and Tyr attended the clubmatch of the NVSWH

Photoshoot Malek

22 April 2023

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Sif on the front page

8 March 2023

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View our photo gallery

17 November 2022

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New family member: Tyr

25 October 2022

Click here to meet Khalibisnya Maginwulf Tyr

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