Participation of Sif and Tyr at the club match of the NVSWH

Saturday 13 May was the cub match of the NVSWH. Tyr and Sif both participated. Sif in the open class bitches and Tyr in the young dog class males.

Such a presentation is always a snapshot. I used to be insecure about showing the dogs. Did I do it right? What will they think of how I handle the dog... but actually now, don't worry about that at all. I thought it was super fun and had a great time. Proud of my sweet and beautiful dogs. Nice to see the dogs and people again. Just had a lot of fun.

Thanks to the photographers and to the organization: the NVSWH

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The evening before the clubmatch, we had a sleepover nearby. The dogs did very well and we had a fun time!

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During the club match: Tyr, Sif and Sif's sister: Umbra

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Tyr started in the young dog class males. The first lap went very well!

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But it became too exciting for him and he blocked completely. In the end he received the comment 'not to be judged'. Still, I'm super proud of this sweet boy.

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Sif was had a great day. She walked nicely and presented herself beautifully.

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She is of course a beautiful lady!

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Tyr had calmed down in the meantime. Such a show is clearly not his thing.

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We didn't win any prizes, but we did win a photo shoot!

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