Malek van de Wolfsdreuvnik

Ancestor of our pack

In November 2013 our first Saarloos wolfdog was born: Malek van de Wolfsdreuvnik. When he was 9 weeks old we were allowed to pick him up. A cute gray puppy; curious, rowdy and a handsome prince! What a heartwarming, amazing dog.

He quickly settled in, housebroken within a day, ate well and grew steadily, behaved brashly and defiantly, regularly tested leadership and consistently wore down the sleeves of our coats. Puberty, everything was multiplied. But Malek was himself and we lost our hearts to this special breed.

When you look at Malek, you immediately notice that he is an imposing male, he is tall and has a big head. In his youth he was easily overstimulated and it would sometimes become too much for him. Now that he's a bit older, all that has calmed down. Malek, loyal friend, mirror, loving and a true family man.

Malek has become father twice, totalling 11 puppies. Amyr and Ananda were born in Friesland and 9 beautiful Saarloos wolfdogs were born at breeder Mountain Dew.

Malek van de Wolfsdreuvnik

Gender: Male
Father: Luthor van de Wolfsdreuvnik
Mother: Norah
Date of Birth: 24-Nov-2013
Degeneration Myelopathy (DM): N/N - Clear
Pituitary Dwarfism (Dw): N/N - Clear
Hip dysplasia (HD): A
ECVO eye test: clear on all points

Malek van de Wolfsdreuvnik was bred within the central policy of the NVSWH. He was born in a homely atmosphere and in a nice pack!


Nederlandse Vereniging van Saarlooswolfhonden