Skylla Lykos Erebos


Sif is the Asin of agriculture and fertility in Norse mythology. She is daughter of Odin and wife of Thor. The golden hair probably represents the fully grown wheat.

Sif is a somewhat shy Saarloos wolfdog. She is elegant, slim and graceful. She prefers 'playing the waiting game' and needs some time to get to know someone. Once familiar, she is very social and likes to snuggle up against you on the couch. This lady comes from working lines and you'll instantly notice that she has a ton of energy. She loves to go for a walk or run. Sif listens well for a wolfdog, but certainly has a mind of her own. She is the boss of the pack and 'the men' have no choice: they will be brought to heel.

Skylla Lykos Erebos 'Sif'

Gender: Female
Father: Kiron van de Wolfsdreuvnik
Mother: Daya Wakanda Tachunga
Date of birth: 15-jan-2019
Degeneration Myelopathy (DM): N/N - Clear
Pituitary Dwarfism (Dw): N/Dw - healthy carrier
Hip dysplasia (HD): B
ECVO eye test: clear on all points, 20-Nov-2023

MyDogDNA/Wisdom Panel: Genetic Health Index 90; genetic diversity 25.2 %

Skylla Lykos Erebos was bred as a sidecross Saarlooswolfhond within the central breeding policy of the NVSWH. She was born in the fantastic pack at Saarloos wolf dog breeder Lykos Erebos.


Nederlandse Vereniging van Saarlooswolfhonden

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