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Khalibisnya Maginwulf Tyr


Týr (pronounced ti'er, or 'tyr') is the god of justice in Norse mythology. He is the son of Odin and Frigg.

Tyr is a rather shy Saarloos wolfdog. He is timid and prefers a quiet hiding place. Once he gets to know you, he likes to cuddle up to you and even becomes a little rowdy. Tyr is a real pack animal. Not surprising, because he grew up in the large and dynamic pack of Khalibisnya Maginwulf. Since he is new to our pack, it will, of course, take us some extra time to get to know him better.

Tyr is a grandson of our Malek. That is why we are extra happy that we were able to take this beautiful boy home. If his health, behavior and appearance are still so fantastic when he becomes of age, we will gladly breed him. We would like to cooperate with the NVSWH in this regard, but will likely also be open to breed him outside of the NVSWH, if suitable.

Khalibisnya Maginwulf Tyr

Gender: Male
Father: Mountain Dew Phillip
Mother:  Khalibisnya Maginwulf Millesys
Date of Birth: 12-jul-2022
Degeneration Myelopathy: (DM): N/N - clear
Pituitary Dwarfism: (Dw): N/N - clear
Hip dysplasia (HD): N/A
ECVO eye test: N/A

The father of Khalibisnya Maginwulf Tyr was born within the NVSWH, the mother was born in the large and dynamic Saarlooswolfdog pack Khalibisnya Maginwulf in France


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Khalibisnya Maginwulf

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